Margaux Oswald | Jesper Zeuthen
Margaux Oswald  grand piano | Jesper Zeuthen  alto saxophone


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The promising Swiss pianist and the legendary Danish saxophonist share a special bond with music: united by a common ideal of beauty, they venture into the world of free improvisation. The duo’s impressive concerts, in which Zeuthen’s melodic fragments are enveloped by Oswald’s resonant blocks of sound, have generated enthusiasm among lovers of improvised music.

Since appearing as a member of the Danish jazz-rock band Blue Sun in 1969, Jesper Zeuthen has established himself as a highly unique saxophonist on the international music scene. Margaux Oswald is a pianist of Franco-Filipino origin, born in Geneva, currently based in Copenhagen. She started playing the piano as a child and since a few years has dedicated herself to the art of free improvisation.

“A Swiss pianist can play an infinite number of notes without it being too many. Her determination is a perfect complement to the thunderous Zeuthen, because he doesn’t hold back when he plays. Although less young, he can still fill the entire church vault and embrace the audience with a mixture of restraint and ferocity – a quality that Oswald also possesses.” Marcus Behrens, Salt Peanuts

All music by Margaux Oswald and Jesper Zeuthen

Recorded June 26th 2022 live in Koncertkirken , Copenhagen by Mads Kiilerich | Mixed and mastered by Mads Kiilerich
Produced by Margaux Oswald and Jesper Zeuthen | Executive production by Pedro Costa for Trem Azul | Design by Travassos | Cover drwaing by Jesper Zeuthen

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