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Sei Miguel

Fala Mariam  (alto) trombone | Nuno Torres  (alto) saxophone | Bruno Silva  guitar | Pedro Lourenço  bass | André Gonçalves  organs | Luìs Desirat  percussion (metal and skin) | Raphael Soares  percussion (wooden) | Sei Miguel  (pocket) trumpet ,composition, arrangements, direction

Sei Miguel describes his new opus as «a strict asymmetric little vehicle inside a larger symmetric, and absolutely melodic, vehicle», and if you get confused by the rethoric he also says that, in truth, «there is no words» to explain the music proposed by “O Carro de Fogo”.
Better is to say that it reproduces, somehow, «the best fusionist intentions» of the Seventies, maybe acting as a reencarnation of the project this Portuguese trumpeter had in the beginning of his long career, almost 40 years ago: Moeda Noise. It’s not a simple return to the past, but getting back to that period in order to develop an interrupted concept: a Band, bringing in new solutions. The result is electrifying, a magnification of the usual tools in Sei Miguel’s unique orchestral imagination: time, space, silence and timbre, here dealt and delivered by means of a very affirmative musicality, in a continuous crescendo of intensity.

This occurrence of O Carro de Fogo de Sei Miguel was live recorded at the Namouche Studios, Lisbon, on April 18, 2018 | Recording and Mixing Engineer : Joaquim Monte | Mastering: Simon Wadsworth
Produced by Sei Miguel and Joaquim Monte | Executive production by Pedro Costa for Trem Azul | Design by Travassos | Photography by Nuno Martins | This record´s cover bears SM old stamping motif (second half of the 20th century)


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