Luca Sguera
Luca Sguera piano, bassdrum


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Luca Sguera is an italian piano player, composer and improviser. Besides improvisation he investigates composition as layering of signs and meanings, through a practice in which rhythm and timbre play a main role.
He now presents, for the first time on Shhpuma´s catalog, “piano, exploded” a different solo piano record, unique in its kind. Luca Sguera starts from simple and clear compositional ideas and limiting its materials on sounds coming from the piano, it portrays five sound sculptures built on ambient acoustic drones, living pulses, harmonic cascades and microscopic sounds.
A rhythmic arrangement of the material, sometimes very loose and subtle, sometimes more evident and pushed up to hyperactive grooves, underlies the whole work.
A wonderfull surprise.

Tracks 1-5 were composed, recorded and mixed by Luca Sguera (Copenhagen, 7-19 July 2020) | Track 6 was composed by Francesco Panconesi, recorded and mixed by Francesco Toninelli (Colle val d’Elsa, 7 September 2022) | All tracks were mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi).
Produced by Luca Sguera | Executive production by Travassos for Trem Azul | Design & artwork by Travassos

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