The Warriors Of The Wonderful Sound
Marty Ehrlich  conductor/alto saxophone | Bobby Zankel  alto saxophone | Julian Pressley  alto saxophone | Robert DeBellis  tenor and soprano saxophone | Hafez Modirzadeh  tenor saxophone | Mark Allen  baritone saxophone | Dave Ballou  trumpet | Dwayne Eubanks  trumpet | Graham Haynes  cornet | Josh Evans  trumpet | Steve Swell  trombone | Michael Dessen  trombone | Alfred Patterson  trombone | Jose Davilla  bass trombone | Michael Formanek  bass | Tom Lawton  piano | Chad Taylor  drums


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Some years before his death, pianist Muhal Richard Abrams received a commission from Bobby Zankel and his Warriors of the Wonderful Sound: to write new big band music for this Philadelphian ensemble known for what they did before with scores signed by Julius Hemphill, Rudresh Mahanthappa and Steve Coleman. He composed the 70 pages and 16 parts of “Soundpath” and attended the first rehearsals. The premiere in 2012 was a success, but only in 2018 – some months after Abrams passed away – a second opportunity to present it publically was possible, during the October Revolution festival. Some adaptations were made: Zankel invited Marty Ehrlich (who worked closely with the invited composer) as the conductor and some extra instrumentalists familiar with the master’s musical visions were added. The concert received a second standing ovation and the 17 musicians went to studio the next day. This is the resulting document, a historic one you don’t want to miss.Justice done.

Composed by Muhal Richard Abrams
Soloists by sections
A) Tom Lawton | B) Bobby Zankel,Duane Eubanks,Steve Swell | C) Tom Lawton | D) Marty Ehrlich,Michael Formanek | E) Robert DeBellis,Dave Ballou,Michael Dessen | F) Michael Formanek | G) Josh Evans,Alfred Patterson,Hafez Modirzadeh | H) Jose Davila,Julian Pressley,Graham Haynes,Mark Allen | I) Chad Taylor

Recorded on October 8, 2018, at Drexel University Recording Studio, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by Eric Carbonara | Editing, mixing and mastering by Brian Montgomery
Produced by Bobby Zankel and Marty Ehrlich | Executive production for Ars Nova Workshop: Mark Christman | Executive production for Trem Azul: Pedro Costa | Design by Travassos

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