The Original Drum

Sei Miguel
André Gonçalves Lyra-8 on track 1 | Bruno Parrinha Alto Clarinet on track 3 | Ernesto Rodrigues Viola on track 2 | Fala Mariam Alto Trombone on all tracks | Helena Espvall Cello on track 4 | Monsieur Trinité Udu Mbwata on track 2 | Nuno Torres Alto Saxophone on track 3 | Paulo Curado Flute on track 3 | Rafael Toral Modified MS-2 Feedback on track 4 | Raphael Soares Claves on track 1 and 3 | Rodrigo Amado Tenor Saxophone on track 3 | Sami Tarik Tamborim on track 3, Pandeiro on track 4 | Sei Miguel (Pocket) Trumpet on all tracks


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I don’t believe in the compositional vocation of jazz. And I don’t consider myself a true composer. In jazz, or at least in my jazz, composing implies and means – and this seems important enough – the mere study of form; an abstract, collective form, which is there, we may say, in spite of the performers rendition of it; they are the ones indeed at the heart of jazz, they are the heart of jazz. My pieces, more or less ambitious, are on the brink, the edge: between what I think I know and what I think I ignore. Visions. Tributes. And, of course, also a means to highlight the talent of musicians I am grateful to work with.

SM, January 2023

All music composed, arranged and directed by Sei Miguel

Recorded and engineered between 2015 and 2021 at Namouche Studios, Lisbon, by Joaquim Monte | Mastered by António Pinheiro da Silva
Produced by Sei Miguel and Joaquim Monte | Executive Production by Pedro Costa for Trem Azul | Design by Travassos | Photograhy by Nuno Martins
Sei’s horns maintenance by D. Caeiro LDA

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