Mark Dresser Seven
Nicole Mitchell  flute, alto flute & piccolo | Marty Ehrlich  clarinet, bass clarinet & alto saxophone | Keir GoGwilt  violin | Michael Dessen  trombone | Joshua White  piano | Jim Black  drums & percussion | Mark Dresser  double bass & McLagan tines

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Ain’t Nothing But a Cyber Coup & You is the second album by the Mark Dresser Seven, following the critically acclaimed 2016 Clean Feed release Sedimental You. Both records showcase playing by  flutist Nicole Mitchell, multi-reed player Marty Ehrlich,  trombonist Michael Dessen, pianist Joshua White and drummer Jim Black; new addition violinist Keir GoGwilt joins on this album. The musicians explore multiple jazz traditions in six new compositions that include pieces for fallen friends, irreverent political commentary and some with purely musical agendas. Between the composed works are brief solo bass interludes improvised on the McLagan Tines, a set of seven graduated steel rods invented by luthier Kent McLagan.
“Black Arthur’s Bounce,” dedicated to the alto saxophone giant Arthur Blythe, features Marty Ehrlich who (along with Dresser) played with Blythe.  In the tradition of Charles Mingus, both the title tune, “Ain’t Nothing But A Cyber Coup & You” and “Let Them Eat Paper Towels,” engage with our current “reality-horror-show of corruption, malice, xenophobia and class warfare.”  In contrast, the parametric waltz “Gloaming” uses multiple levels of polyrhythm which expand and contract within shifting meters of lyricism. Mark Dresser continues to explore new ideas in jazz through these vibrant compositions and to celebrate the solo power of this ensemble of virtuoso improvisers. The final result is magnificent, as you would expect from this pathfinder.

All Compositions by Mark Dresser

Recorded at East West Studios, Los Angeles, CA September 16-18, 2018 | Mixed at Saint’s Place, Kinnelon, NJ, October 11-14, 2018 | Recorded and mixed by Ronald Saint Germain | Assistant at East West: Brendan Dekora | Mastered by Scott Hull at Masterdisk, Peeksville, NY
Produced by David Breskin and Mark Dresser | Executive production by Pedro Costa for Trem Azul | Album photography by Kyle Johnson  | Design by Travassos

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