Various Artists
Knox Chandler  guitar (1) | Tashi Dorji  guitar (2) | Monika Roscher  guitar (3) | Rhys Chatham  guitar (4) | Kalle Kalima  guitar (5) | Ryan Choi  guitar (6) | Marco Oppedisano  guitar (7) | Bern Nix  guitar (8) | Markus Reuter  guitar (9) | Hahn Rowe  guitar (10) | Pete Matthiessen  guitar (11) | Robert Poss  guitar (12) | Ron Anderson  guitar (13) | Morgan Craft  guitar (14) | Roberto Zorzi  guitar (15) | Erdem Helvacioglu  guitar (16)

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…and here is the fourth volume of this ongoing compilation organized by Elliott Sharp and covering «the parallel realities of contemporary guitarism». As Sharp himself wrote on previous liner-notes, each new collection of guitar pieces reflects «the never-ending joy of hearing fabulous sonic visions» with the guitar or its derivatives, as the main subject. You may not already know every chosen guitarist, but you will soon thanks to this series of recordings. Some of the artists need no presentations, like Rhys Chatham, Kalle Kalima, Bern Nix, Hahn Rowe, Robert Poss, Ron Anderson or Roberto Zorzi, string manipulators of different generations and locales. All are «players with one foot in the future and one in the past, a formula that puts one’s ass directly in THE NOW». Such is the importance of this continuing enterprise carried out by one of the most exhilarating guitar stylists of the present day. Every approach imaginable is covered, from Pythagorean alternative tunings by Chatham to the use of a resophonic acoustic guitar by Pete Matthiessen as well as original and surprising uses of delays, looping, and analog or digital sound processors. Is any other instrument capable of such a multitude of creative musical expressions?
Volume 4 is dedicated to the memory of Bern Nix, a sudden loss and a great sorrow.

1) Glazed (Toxic Boat Music BMI. All sounds generated from the guitar) | 2) ok (BMI) | 3) Birds versus Nature (Joerg Mayr did the mixing) | 4) Cumulus (p) 2016 Post Minimalist Music (BMI) | 5) Raja (Recorded and mixed on the 22 of February 2016 at BERLINAUDIO by Christian Betz. (GEMA) | 6) Autumn Two | 7) Watch Your Step (Out Your Ear (ASCAP), | 8) So quick,so clean an ending (Bern Nix Music ASCAP) | 9) And Per Se And (Recorded by Erik Emil Eskildsen) | 10) Glacial Drift (Polimorfos Music, BMI) | 11) collapse/rebirth (a sound exploration for resophonic guitar) | 12) Partial Clearing, Sally (Recorded at Trace Elements Records and at Westbeth Gallery. The Westbeth segment was from my last performances with choreographer Sally Gross (1933 – 2015) and her company. Composed, recorded and performed by Robert Poss. Blessing And Curse Music (ASCAP) | 13) Kiosk 4 (Stratocaster copy, two digital delays, digital loop) | 14) The Red Sun (All sounds made by, on, or through solo electric guitar | Recorded in The Fortress of Solitude. Tuscany, Italy | Circle of Light Recordings. Copyright 2016) | 15) Hedy Lamaar (Recorded at home february 2016) | 16) Winds over Fajada Butte (Bosworth Music GmbH)

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