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Slow is Possible

André Pontífice  cello | Bruno Figueira  alto saxophone | Duarte Fonseca  drums | João Clemente  electric guitar, electronics | Nuno Santos Dias  piano | Ricardo Sousa  double bass

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At their second opus, one of the most surprising projects emerging these last years from the very dynamic and rich cauldron of Portuguese jazz are capable to go very far beyond what they showed us before. Embracing a kind of cinematic jazz vaguely influenced by John Zorn’s compositional work for the big and the little screens, the band Slow is Possible is simultaneously accessible, due to the sugestibility of the melodic work and the directness of the rhythmic propulsion, and experimental, presenting a multitude of progressive resources coming from the most disparate of sources: classical contemporay music, post-rock, alternative metal, intelligent pop, free improvisation and more. Self-defined as a chamber band for the new century, this collective of young musicians living in the interior of Portugal is much more than that: it’s a blow of fresh air, a box of secrets to discover, a slap in the face of conformism. A good part of the enchantment provoked by “Moonwatchers” comes from the refined compositions by all the six members, but the instrumental work is no less precious.

All compositions by Slow is Possible

Recorded by Joaquim Monte at Namouche Studio, Lisbon, December 10th and 11th 2016 | Assisted by Jerome Durand | Mixed and mastered by João Miranda at Attack Release Studio January 2017 | Edited by João Clemente
Produced by Slow is Possible | Executive production by Pedro Costa for Trem Azul | Photos by Telmo Mendes


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