Bram De Looze
Bram De Looze  piano / Lester St-Louis  cello / Daniel Levin  cello / Flin Van Hemmen  drums / Bo Van Der Werf  baritone saxofone / Robin Verheyen  tenor and soprano saxofone / Gebhard Ullmann  tenor saxophone, bass clarinet & bass flute

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With only 24 years of age, Belgian pianist and composer Bram De Looze is no longer a new value demanding our attention: he is one of the most notable musicians of a new generation dedicated in Europe to jazz. After the success of his LABtrio, Septych represents his upgrading to another level of his career, being simultaneously a 7-piece ensemble, with the strange combination of two cellos, three horns, piano and drums, and the title of this record. De Looze’s scores are the main focus of the pieces gathered here, but when you have brilliant soloists like Daniel Levin, Gebhard Ullmann, Robin Verheyen, Lester St-Louis, Bo Van Der Werf and Flin Van Hemmen all together, you can anticipate that there’s plenty of improvisation going on. This is the kind of improvisation with no boundaries and no taboos, assembling the most distinctive influences inside the jazz language, but also bringing in some coming from other sources. With a curriculum of partnerships with Greg Cohen, Maria João, David Linx (both singers guesting with the Brussels Jazz Orchestra), Michael Attias, Christopher Hoffmann, Dre Hocevar, Bert Joris and Nicolas Thys, among many others, Bram De Looze couldn’t never follow just one direction. So, if you don’t know him already, prepare yourself for the surprise.

All music by Bram De Looze except:
2, 5 and 7 group improvisation; 4 improvisation by Bo Van Der Werf & Bram De Looze; 6 improvisation by Flin Van Hemmen & Bram De Looze and 9 composed by Bram De Looze & Robin Verheyen

Recorded December 12th and 13th 2014 at Dada Studios, Brussels, Belgium by Werner Pensaert / Mixed by Werner Pensaert at Linster Studio / Mastered by Darcy Proper at Wisseloord Studios
Produced by Bram de Looze / Executive production by Pedro Costa for Trem Azul / Photography by Joop Pareyn / Design by Travassos

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