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Zack Clarke Trio

Zack Clarke  piano | Kim Cass  double bass | Dre Hocevar  drums

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Pianist and composer Zack Clarke is a worker of forms, expanding the ones he chooses far beyond their conventions. Of course, when manipulating form, Clarke manages all of the inherent idiomatic factors while keeping himself away from any established sublabels, be it “third stream”, “fusion” or “collage”. After dealing with electro-acoustic projects including his acclaimed Random Acts of Order and Mesophase, his focus returns to the acoustic jazz piano trio in Vertical Shores. It is in this format that we are able to see Clarke’s pianism on full display. Working with great improvisers Kim Cass and Dre Hocevar, the trio pushes into new territory using their shared aesthetic and textural sensibilities as well as a virtuosic technical proficiency between the three. What interests Clarke and his peers on Vertical Shores is the use of the return to the classic trio configuration as a tool for the purpose of creating a new beginning. The result rewards the listener with a world seen at a different slant.

All music by Zack Clarke

Recorded by Rich Lamb at Systems Two Recording Studios, Brooklyn, NY, October 13, 2017 | Mixed and mastered by Dave Darlington at Base Hit Studios, New York, NY
Produced by Zack Clarke | Executive production by Pedro Costa for Trem Azul | Design by Travassos


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