Free Baile – Live in Shenzhen


Yedo Gibson  saxophones | Felipe Zenicola  bass | João Valinho  drums


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Kickin’ ass and taking names, Move are back again to obliterate cliched musical borders, gate-crashing the fertile stylistic interzones connecting free-improv, jazz, samba and funk, with a white-knuckle fusillade marked by the power trio’s habitual flumes of chaos, freedom and vivacity.
The no-holds-barred follow-up to last year’s fiendishly brazen The City, Free Baile burns like a supernova radiating its omnivorous therms, as saxophonist Yedo Gibson (Eke, Naked Wolf), bassist Felipe Zenicola (New Brazilian Funk, Chinese Cookie Poets) and drummer João Valinho (Rodrigo Amado Refraction Quartet, Fashion Eternal) instigate a dexterous series of daredevil dashes marked by their scintillating collective hustle, informed by freethinking, freewheeling hivemind techniques, uncompromising dynamism and jaw-dropping displays of turn-on-a-dime adaptability.
Captured last year, during the ensemble’s typically tumultuous showcase at B10 Live in Shenzhen, China, Free Baile surges with its architects’ unquenchable fire, Gibson’s Ayler-esque high-toned sax-yap curdling in cantankerous bantering bouts alongside Zenicola improbably bellicose bass runs and Valinho’s fervid polyrhythmic puckishness.
In a distant echo of the Pascalian belief that stagnation equals death, Free Baile represents a redoubtably radical mission statement, reinforcing Move’s undiminished devotion to an all-devouring, liberating flow and an evolutionary do-or-die aesthetic realised via the on-the-fly revolution of a never-ending resurrection.

All tracks by Felipe Zenicola (UBC) João Valinho (GDA) Yedo Gibson (GDA)

Recording by Zeng Jun 曾君 and Luo Lvye 罗绿野 at B10Live in Shenzhen on 28.10.2023 | Mixed and mastered by Felipe Zenicola | Design and cover photo by João Valinho
Production by afará realizações artísticas | Executive production by Pedro Costa for Trem Azul
Project supported by the Government of Portugal – República Portuguesa | Ministry of Culture| Direcção-Geral das Artes \Directorate General for the Arts (DGArtes)

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